Talking about Latest Punjabi Singing sensation whose name when ever is attached to a song it is termed as Guaranteed hit song. Ranjit Bawa who is also known for his name as ‘Bawa’ joins us for a exclusive interview talking about his life from a musical aspect in depth.

Kaur B

By February 04, 2015

Rising Punjabi female singer, Kaur B joins us for a exclusive interview. Kaur B talks to us about her life growing up to become a sensational singer, her role models and what her future holds in the music industry. Kaur B is the new singing sensation who got large number of fan following at this very small age. Kaur B is best known for her Punjabi song Mitran De Boot Ft. Jazzy B. This song gave her popularity among her fans and she got a great fame from this song.

Another special interview with a Punjabi musician, Lakhwinder Wadali. Lakhwinder Wadali is a Punjabi musician, who hails from a family of musicians. His grandfather Thakur Dass Wadali was a renowned vocalist and his father and uncle formed a Sufi qawwali duo, the Wadali brothers.Lakhwinder received extensive training and guidance in classical music from his father Puran Chand Wadali. His songs blend classical and current trends in music. His repertoire includes renditions of Sufi Saints, romantic folk numbers, ghazals, bhajans and bhangra. Alaaps and taans are the vital aspects of his 

Another special interview with the famous Indian Singer Miss Pooja. Seema sits with Miss Pooja to find out how she got into the music industry and her journey from there to now.

Miss Pooja is an Indian singer. She was born on 4 December 1980 as Gurinder Kaur Kainth. Before she embarked on her professional singing career, she received a Master's degree in music and worked as a music teacher in Patel Public School in Rajpura, India. She chose Miss Pooja as her professional name because "Pooja" was her childhood nickname.

She is widely regarded as having revived Punjabi duet songs. During the late 1980s to the early 21st century, Punjabi duet songs were often given second place by DJs. However, Miss Pooja's duets often get played at the top of the party. She has become the largest-selling female bhangra artist in India and overseas. A partial reason for her success is the rapid increase in the number of songs that she continues to record. She has released duets with more than 70 different male singers.

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